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Head of the center
Location - prospect Svobody, 16, 1st floor



Information-resource center "Window on America" is created in the library with the help of the grant from US Embassy in Ukraine. The goals of the center are providing accurate information about the USA, American aid programs and exchange programs, as well as enlarging the library with American collections.

Mission of the center - promoting understanding between the USA and Ukraine. 

Goal of the center - providing relevant information about the USA.

Information centers "Window on America" are a project of the US Embassy in Ukraine created on the basis of partnership between American government and Ukrainian regional libraries.

The center offers:

  •     Reference books on the USA, business, economy, politics, history, and culture;
  •     Manuals for learning and teaching English;
  •     Encyclopedias and reference books in various disciplines;
  •     The art work of American and world classics;
  •     Collection of feature films and documentaries;
  •     Electronic and audio books;
  •     Free internet access, WI-FI, and devices for its use (iPad, laptops);

The access to global virtual database libraries ( in English, where you can find books, articles, and a variety of information on the social, psychological, business, economic topics, as well as medicine, art, religion topics, and encyclopedic literature for children.

"Window on America" encourages its visitors to learn English on their own using a computer licensed interactive program Rosetta Stone.

Besides this the center offeres:

  •     Various events: presentations, social evenings, meetings with interesting guests;
  •     English-speaking club "English-speaking House" (every Wednesday at 17.00). It is communication in conversational English, improving skills and language practice.
  •     Movie-club "Movie-club" (every Monday with previous group reservation) offers watching fiction and documentary movies;
  •     English-speaking club "English Friends" (every Friday  at 16:00). It is communication in conversational English, interesting and educative games, and language practice.

The services of resource-information center "Window on America" are free, customer service is carried out after presenting your membership card.
The center encourages those, who want to show their public position and work in different socio-cultural spheres, to get involved in volunteering. The center has a "Library Project," the goal of which is to promote the integration into society of the inmates of Chaslivska boarding school in Uzhhorod.



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